photo Pepe Arcosphoto Pepe Arcos

photo Pepe Arcos

Today is a monumental day. Not only are we less than a week away from electing our next president, this is the first entry for HADLEY collection. I never thought I would ever share my thoughts on a public forum, but in all honesty, I need to optimize this website, therefore, my hands are tied! I am not sure how long I will be the one writing this. Actually, that isn't true…I know exactly how long. I will be the one writing this until I can afford to have someone else do it for me. Until then we are together. Me and the infinite space of the world wide web.  

So what do you want to know? Do you want to know why I started HADLEY? I always knew I would do this, eventually. I have been designing and making clothes for other peoples brands for more years than I care to mention. In the past I have made attempts to move forward with other ideas, but for one reason or another things just didn't work out. This collection just happened. It was organic and I didn't plan it. It started with one handbag that turned into a leather jacket and then a cashmere jacket and so on (I'll save that story for another day). I just started making pieces and the next thing I knew I had a collection.

 I have been a painter and artist for many years. Painting was my escape into my pure creativity where my actual “work” was always trying to make another's dreams a reality. When I am painting, I start with one vision realizing that at the end, when the painting is finished, it morphed into something completely different. The way that I approach my design work has always been different, more business, less art. This time, the pieces I created on this website, are 100% art. I chose every last detail, down to the each individual hand painted lining, every bead and every button. This collection is the first time my inner artist was allowed to design and create clothes.

As a lover of fashion, my own personal style has always been to mix less expensive, classic basics, with more expensive statement pieces that I knew I would keep forever. Jackets, bags and jewelry were things that I never got rid of season to season. They were the pieces that I always kept in my closet. I wanted to create those pieces. The timeless, heirloom pieces that you would rather give to a loved one instead of tossing out. I have come from a long career of working with mass produced garments using mass produced textiles. HADLEY collection is not mass-produced. It is special. These are the real textiles that all others have been modeled after. The textiles that have been created by hand by families who have been passing the skill of weaving and dying down through their bloodlines. These fabrics represent family. They represent art.


Photos by Pepe Arcos  

November 04, 2016 by Lisa Hadley