Lately I have been working so hard to get HADLEY collection off the ground, that I have to stop and give myself time to do the things that truly ground and empower me.  Creating things, whether it is clothing, art, travel or cooking is the backbone of who I am and now I am working to balance this with a very big job that lies in front of me.  When I am on the road, I am searching for ideas in the things around me.  People watching is one of my favorite past times.  I love seeing the individual style of the people who pass by.  I respect those who have style, even if it is completely different than mine.  I love risk takers, but I wouldn't really consider myself to be one. My own personal style is a constant evolution and I love to change it up. Someday's conservative, sometimes edgy.  I love having a style that is fairly unpredictable and is more of a representative of my current mood. 

We are at the stage of building HADLEY where a lot of big branding questions are being asked.  Mostly, who are your inspirations when it comes to design and clothing.  Sometimes these questions make my head spin, because frankly, how can I ever narrow this down to a concise answer when I get my inspiration from so many avenues?  I absolutely love the beauty and feminism of a Chloe piece.  I really relate to designs by Isabel Marant, IRO and Rag and Bone.  I have so much respect and love for Tom Ford and maybe surprisingly Victoria Beckham (who would have thought I would put those two in the same sentence).  Regardless, of people I admire, I would say that the inspiration I get comes more from my daily life.  My friends, the places I visit and ultimately the outdoors.  Breathing fresh air in the mountains or listening to the lapping waves always seems to spark greatness.  

Today I am finding the time to sit down and draw a few styles for next season. New leather jackets, more Ikat handbags and something really exciting...more cashmere (the best!)  Hope you are feeling inspired by something today as well.  If not, just look around!  Inspiration is everywhere! 



December 05, 2016 by Lisa Hadley